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Rainbow road

Fakta om klippet

Sång med Joel Alme & Jill Johnsson. Svt – Jills veranda. Längd 5:35.


En text om ett tufft liv, men drömmen som aldrig dör.

Rainbow road

I was born a dirt poor man
All my life I’ve had hard working hands
But I sang my song as I carried my load
Cause I had a dream about rainbow
Rainbow road

Then one day a man came along
Heard me playing and singing my songs
He bought me clothes and paid up every debt I owed
Sent me on my way down rainbow
Rainbow road

Then one night a man with a knife
Pushed me till I had to take his life
Fast as falling all my friends were gone
That old judge traded me a sentence for a song
Now I’m living with this ball and chain
I had to wear a number before they ever heard my name
And like the dream I’m growing old
But we still sing about rainbow
Rainbow road

Rainbow road, Rainbow road
Rainbow road, Rainbow road
Rainbow road, Rainbow road

Donnie Fritts and Dan Penn


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